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Episode 94: Goodbyes

We say goodbye to Andy Schleck and the racing season, as we reminisce about Andy Schleck and recap Worlds and Lombardia. We also wonder if we’ll look back and see Oleg as the “Idea Man” who saves cycling and discuss whether Astana is playing the UCI and MPCC.

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Episode 43: We Save Cycling

  • We talk about cylocross worlds and how much fun Anna had. The US could hold a World Cup race next year!
  • The MPCC might sue Lance?? Please. Cycling doesn’t get better by suing Lance- you have to move forward at some point and let go of the past. [CyclingNews]
  • We talk about the teams of 2013- which teams we’re excited about, which teams we’re not, who’s moved, and wonder what is IAM cycling. [Wikipedia]
  • Cav is off to a great start. What the hell was he doing on Sky?? [CyclingNews]
  • Paris-Nice is coming! [Inner Ring]

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